Kingfisher (Lenor)

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  • Kingfisher (Lenor)

Framed Original: Photography and mixed media (Household paint, Indian ink, wax pastel, spray paint, pencil and genuine 24-carat gold leaf) onto Fabriano 310gsm paper.

Size: 87.1 (w) x 121.9 (h) cm (in white wooden frame with cord and mirror plates)

Lucy's recent solo exhibition ‘Bird Skins’ at The Lightbox Gallery in Leicester was inspired by Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, an early colour dictionary outlining colour matches across the natural kingdoms. Stevens was granted access to the natural science collections at New Walk Museum in Leicester to create artworks focusing on the order, variety and beauty of colour in nature.

Her new collection is known for its bold, instinctive mark-making techniques using photography as a starting point and layering with acrylic and house-hold paint, wax pastel, spray paint, Indian ink, graph paper and genuine 24-carat gold leaf.

The work comes with an individual handwritten thank you note from Lucy. Each work is an original and hand made by Lucy, in Leicester at her home or studio. Please contact Lucy to arrange delivery.